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Daily Archives: January 3rd, 2020

I’ve been going through the Robert Sussuma videos that I haven’t done and it’s been great and interesting and beneficial. One surprising thing was the last lesson I did, “AJUSTANDO EL SISTEMA VOCAL”, which used the tiny cough/click I wrote about in a previous article but in a different manner and sphere. I was going through all the variations in order to map the vocal folds in more and more detail, whereas Robert relates the cough more globally, specifically to variations of paradoxical breathing (inhaling – expand chest, exhaling – expand tummy). His video was posted before I wrote my article but I only went through the video today so it’s funny how I arrived at the use of the tiny click semi-independently.

One of the main nuances he had that I didn’t was the difference between left and right. As you do the tiny click, one side will be louder than the other due to tonus differences between the side. The side that’s more active will be quieter due to higher tonus/tension, despite the vocal folds being in the centre. Related to this, he had two variations – clicking while turning the head, clicking while scanning the horizon with the eyes. The eye variation was, hehe, eye opening for me because it was way more difficult than the head turning one. After I did the variations on the floor and came back to the eye variation, it was much easier.

The best ideas come from when you’re not actively thinking about them so as I was vacuuming the house and doing a few of these tiny coughs it occurred to me that I was probably coughing in chest voice and that it may be possible to do it in falsetto. This is impossible for me to tell though as the tiny clicks are done without tone. If I do add tone then I definitely can cough throughout my range. This is more difficult to do inhaling as it starts to resemble one of the ways I laugh. I dunno what benefit this falsetto variation might be, but it’s another variation to play around with and explore.

Unrelated to the tiny cough but related to Robert, I’ve also done the Untying the Tongue, Expanding what we think of as the tongue, the jaw bone’s connected to the whole self, your voice your self lessons too. The jaw one I have to be more careful with as my left jaw joint has a tendency to pop out of its socket. I want to revisit the nose lesson because of my hyponasality issues and see if there is anything of use there because I’ve forgotten what the lesson is about. The tongue lessons were pretty interesting and something I should explore more.